About Us

Our Vision

To be a part of our students success in their career path and  be well known as an expert in this platform.

Our Mission

To inspire our students to study.
To bring them hope that it is possible to learn the language.
A kind of a class that they look forward to.
To make them excited to study and to learn.

We see and feel our students' concern and their struggle to learn the language. This brought us an idea to help, to coach, to mentor, to inspire, to give hope, and to get motivation as they reach their goal. We established this platform to be accessible and pocket friendly to our students. With our friendly and approachable teachers your journey in learning the language will be easy and fun.
This course is designed for students to gain a broader understanding of the English language. In this programme,  students will enhance their vocabulary, develop their confidence, improve their speaking skills, and build up their listening and writing skills.

Our experienced teachers make the English learning interesting and fun, especially for young children, including activities in the class, such as songs, stories, and educational games. Please sign up to experience it!


  • One on one classes only
  • Duration as per your requirements
  • Books can be purchased through naver
  • Payments should be made before class begins.

Free Classes

When the student you refer completes 3 months of classes at ETLE, you get 3 free English class lessons.

Let's get started!

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